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Lijiang Yunnan

Lijiang Albion International Resort

Lijiang Albion International Resort is located near Lijiang Baisha Cultural and Heritage Town. Strategically, within the vicinity of the majestic Mt. Yulong, this Site is the only land (area of 69.53ha) permitted for massive area development.

As the Project Site’s location was categorized as a Limited Construction Zone in Lijiang’s Urban Development Plan, this area continues to retain its rich aquatic and ecological system. In addition, the presence of local Na-Xi heritage shall be an invaluable resource for this Project’s development in the field of arts and culture.

With the objective of truly incorporating and establishing a World Class Tourism and Property industry, basic traveler's concern such as regional transportation and vacation routes would be addressed. Additionally, various facilities in order to meet every guest’s needs shall be realized through effective utilization, revamp and modification of existing buildings and their functions.  As an International Resort, this Project shall develop Lijiang into a hub for global tourism and target to attract Middle-High Profiled guests by providing a comprehensive product package which includes Club Med’s Snow-Themed Flagship Resort, Albion Guesthouses Town, River-side Shows, Heritage Towns, Outdoor Activities, Health & Wellness and other exclusive service or experience.