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Descend of Seven Fairies from Heavens

Xinyu Fairy Lake Resort Area

Witness the view where sky meets the lake as well as numerous islets scattered across the entire area resembling a divine constellation layout. Or one could be simply indulge the various senses when cruising along the lake… 

Place of Origin for “Chinese Valentine’s Day”

National AAAA Tourism Scenic Attraction

Rich natural resources in this  subtropical region with distinctive four seasons. At least 80% vegetation coverage also provides good ecosystem and nature habitat for local wildlife.

Sacred Land of Love, Scattered Islets, Underwater Ancient City

Rich Historical and Cultural Foundation

A living fossil and bearer of history & culture who silently witness different eras since  5000 years ago…

  • Fish Trawling Culture

    Fish Trawling Culture

    Bred in an all natural environment and of quality breed, the fresh fish of Fairy Lake is more than just a delicacy to the tongue.

  • Religious Culture

    Religious Culture

    Shengji Temple is situated at Lotus Valley with interconnectivity of the shore, resembled a shape of a Dragon praying to the Heavens.

  • Color Village

    Color Village

    What happens when European’s colorful nature is blended with Native’s Traditional Village? A true fusion which is unique and artistically attractive to guests from all over the world.

  • Island of Love

    Island of Love

    Situated within Fairy Lake, this attraction is an ideal location to host MICE especially Weddings and Photoshoots.